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When the pressure is on to find the perfect candidate, data-driven recruiting enables you to quickly prioritize and discover the best talent. Recruiter Search Insights lets you understand your market, educate your hiring manager, and close searches faster.


Make the data more useful

In the last few years, we've had many customer requests for search visualization. Recent, market research has reiterated the need, and we conducted user research to crystallize critical use cases. As HR becomes strategic advisors, they need to be equipped with rich talent pool data. This is particularly so in strengthening the recruiter's engagement with their hiring manager.


Lead UX

Research, Information Architecture, Data Visualization, Final Production Visual


Current Recruiter Search Experience

Advanced Search drop-down

Search Results page




Empower recruiters through data

Create an intuitive visual representation of search results within Recruiter that allows the user to quickly scan and gather insights into the overall results. This visual overview of the results would allow recruiters to act more like consultants, using the data to advise the hiring manger on whether they should expand or relax the search criteria, and help set expectations.




If I’m sitting with a hiring manager, and I’m finding this more and more common, when we do the calibration or kick-off meeting, we want to survey the marketplace and I think this is a great tool to do that.
— Rachelle Snook, WD40

Singular Facet View – Compaines

I think this demo is tapping into a problem that recruiters have had since recruiters were invented - unrealistic hiring manager expectations.
— Andrea Woolley, SAP

All Search Facet View

I’m looking at the visualization thinking; ‘Did I capture the right talent? Did the right companies come up?’ That for me is really critical. If I see companies that aren’t of interest to me, then I need to go ahead and refine my search. That for me is really important.
— Aaron Kraljev, Wells Fargo