SlideShare Clipping

Clip any content on SlideShare into thematically organized clipboards that can serve as a way for the creator to establish their expertise and readers to build their knowledge.


Content is not actionable

SlideShare users lack a way to keep information and put it to use once they’ve found it. Users currently have to download full presentations then parse the information off of our platform. This forces users to exit the consumption experience entirely and reducing the likelihood of further content consumption.


Lead UX

Research, Concepts/Wireframes, Information Architecture, Final Production Visual

“What’s interesting to me about SlideShare, I’m starting to see the variety that exists. To some extent you can curate it yourself. But it could be better. Twitter is my curated zine. I think SS has a unique opportunitely.”

Original Slideview Page

“Doesn’t look like SlideShare is designed in a way to keep people on the site to discover more.”



Save and organize what matters

Give members the tools to collect and organize the most important slides from any presentation. Use that signal to create a more engaging and relevant content consumption experience on SlideShare. Provide an easier way for professionals to establish their expertise through curation of content.





New Slideview Page

“It gives us the opportunity to collate content from other sources that are in line with our messaging. It could be cool that way. I like the idea about not being 100% about yourself but about content. Others clipping my slides is interesting. You can actually see what resonates. I would create more content on what’s being clipped. I could learn different themes from it.”

Clipboard - Grid View

“I love it. Great if I can inspire someone else through the content I create.”

Clipboard - List View

“[Clipping] would help me get laser focused in on the things I want.”


Technical limitations to the current framework restrict the ability to integrate the newly formed LinkedIn design patterns.


Users will go with the default clipboard name if given the option. Curating and sharing are distant actions. The “Build your knowledge” value prop is much more common than the “Establish yourself as an expert” value prop (more cases of people building clipboards for a smaller audience/themselves and not necessarily looking to broadcast their work)